Outline of HTDS Conformity Discover Process for getting your product listed, labeled and certified

This is the next addition to our video series on getting your product listed, labeled or certified.  Today our CEO, Steve Barcik Amstel is going to speak about the Conformity Discovery Process and how using our process can save you time and money when getting your product to market.  Link to video also available here: https://youtu.be/2gt8OZB0CsM The […]

SEMI S2 – Section 9 Manuals Part 4

SEMI S2 – Section 9 Manuals Part 4 In our fast paced world, everyone is looking for ways to get to market quicker and easier. There are definitely places where shortcuts can be made through streamlining the process and then there are places where spending a little more time on the details in the beginning […]

Your Products Listed Faster Through Conformity Discovery Process

How do you get your product to market faster?  How can you reduce engineering and design costs, how can you shorten certification and listing timelines? As product certification, evaluation and testing lab, we here at High Tech Design Safety have seen all kinds of projects and various execution hurdles. How to get listed, how to […]

SEMI S2 – Evaluation Process Part 2

Documentation is a huge part of getting your equipment to market. Getting through the SEMI S2 evaluations is a part of the process and an evaluator will evaluate your equipment. Pulling together the documentation and requirements is going to be necessary and will make a big difference in the ease and completion of this part […]

Ten Steps To Conformity

High Tech Design Safety is a global environmental and conformity firm that deals with product safety and equipment to support you getting your products to market. Wesupport you with UL listing, CE marking, FCC, EMC, EMI and all those other acronyms that lead up to you getting your product to market. This video will speak […]

Intro to Equipment Compliance and Conformity

Are you looking for solutions to get your equipment to market? If so, then this video is for you.  Principal/CEO, Steve Barcik Amstel presents an introduction to Equipment Compliance and Conformity to accelerate your path to market. In this video he covers the various standards that may apply and let’s you know how he and […]