Hazardous Locations Equipment

Hazardous locations include environments where explosives or ignitable atmosphere may occur or are present continuously. These high hazard locations require specific equipment design, certification, and implementation. From CE marking, ATV DX marking, UL listing, and NFPA performance criteria. This equipment is high risk when not designed properly. Allow us to support you in developing your hazardous locations equipment and your explosive atmospheres equipment.

IECEx is a relatively new hazardous locations certification scheme. While the scheme itself is still being developed. There are crucial markets that require IECEx approval. The IEC 60079 standards that provide the basis of documentation and guidelines for developing this equipment. Allow us to support your design and certification needs for hazardous locations.

The explosive atmospheres directives point a number of IEC 60079 standards. The standards. In many cases are harmonize the explosive atmospheres directives for the European Union. Allow for support you through design, conformity and testing to achieve an ATEX approval and marking for your equipment.