Your Products Listed Faster Through Conformity Discovery Process

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How do you get your product to market faster?  How can you reduce engineering and design costs, how can you shorten certification and listing timelines? As product certification, evaluation and testing lab, we here at High Tech Design Safety have seen all kinds of projects and various execution hurdles. How to get listed, how to get UL how to get CE Marking?

Today, our CEO, Steve Barcik Amstel is giving you a tip and resource that can dramatically decrease your time and cost to market.

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Because of the depth of experience we have, we are confident that you will be able to get your products to market quicker through our process than any other way. That process is called our conformity discovery process and by using this process we can work with you to find out exactly the scope of the standards required, what you need to do to ensure that you comply with those standards and develop a plan, budget and timeline to complete on your conformity needs whether it is a NFPA type field labeling for the US, a CSA type labeling for Canada, NOM for Mexico, Certs for Japan, the Middle East or Europe. For CE marking, we can help you with that plan and execute on it.

Our conformity discovery process will uncover the exact standards you need to comply to so you know what to design in, or what small changes to make now.  And the other thing it does… when we go to a listing or another process like that it also limits the scope that might happen in the future for your product. This way we can get you to market faster.

So, with your products coming to market here soon, please call us and get that conformity discovery process going. That way you can design in the requirements from the get go and understand the needs, and design needs of your equipment early on. Include all of these early on in the design so that they are there in the prototyping, the alpha and production units and you will get to market and get to listing much more easily.

We here at High Tech Design Safety are inviting you to join us for your conformity discovery process and understanding exactly what you need for your equipment.

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