How To Get Listed, Labeled or Certified
We will lay out the exact steps you need to get your product to market
Timeline to Get Listed, Labeled or Certified
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Timeline To Get Listed, Labeled or Certified

We are practical, realistic and forthcoming about what it is really going to take to get your product to market .

Cost To Get Listed, Labeled or Certified
What Does It Cost To Get Listed, Labeled or Certified?
When taking a product to market there are many factors to consider. Knowing what to budget and plan for is critical to your success. We will help you with real costs associated with getting where you want to go.
What Standard to Use
How To Know What Standard To Use

The quickest and most efficient path to market is by starting with and designing to the appropriate standard.

Training and Resources
We offer a variety of ways for you to better understand the requirements to get your product listed, labeled or certified.
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High Tech Design Safety

A Third-party Test Laboratory That Does Evaluation, Certification, Testing And Design Reviews Through Our Conformity Discovery Process ©

Why Us?

We Are Here To Help YOu Get Your Product to Market

We will limit the scope to the specific standards required for you to achieve certification. We will not include additional related standards except for where they are absolutely necessary. Nor will we include our recommendations, desires, wants or needs in order to have you be certified.

Other labs will do these things and your scope will increase to the point where you don’t even know what you gotta do next. At the beginning of the project, we give you the known scope and keep to that scope.

We are reasonable in that we understand what it takes to design, build, and take products to the market. During the evaluation we provide you with direction from the standards that will allow you to comply in a safe and reasonable manner.

On a budget basis, we are reasonable in that we will quote you exactly what it’s going to take for us to complete the work. We will also quote you how long it really will take to complete your certification.

Other labs will either quote a partial scope or give you the best possible case timeline, neither of which in the end will hold true. Knowing your budget and your timeline always is an advantage.

We work within our known fields and scopes, therefore can deliver you a timeline. So long as you maintain design constraints and complete the work timely, you will get the project when you need it done effectively and on time.

Our deliverables are part of the result. We are effective in achieving these deliverables by maintaining the scope and by being practical and reasonable, therefore effective. 

You won’t have scope and budget creep that drives your timeline and deliverables out to a broad range of unknowns. We actually quote the scope and standards that are needed so you can effectively design and complete your project and go to market.

Labels, Listing & Certifications

These are a few of the services and expertise we can help you with. See Full Service.  Copyright or trademark is owned by the mark holder.

Need Help with Easier Industrial Solutions? We Are Experts Here To Help!

Process for Tracer Gas Certification

Process for Tracer Gas Testing

What is the process for tracer gas testing? Often we find it is beneficial for our clients to have an overview of the whole process so that they can budget and plan for upcoming testing, certification and approvals.  …

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Get a Quote for 61010 For CE Marking

Get a Quote for 61010 For CE Marking

How do I get a quote for 61010 for CE Marking? This is logically the next question needing answered after a team decision to take a product to market.  As part of the planning process, you will need …

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Cost for Tracer Gas Testing

Cost for Tracer Gas Testing

Today we will explain the factors that go into the cost of tracer gas testing and what you can anticipate when creating your budgets for acquiring safety approvals to get your product to market. Link to video …

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What Clients Have To Say!

Matt B
"As an engineer of a company with aging products I was tasked to rapidly redesign as many as possible with a tight schedule. One of the hurdles we faced was the certification of said products to allow sales into universities, government orgs and the EU. We didn't anticipate the delays and impact to timeline we would be facing using the larger listing companies. They move slow and each project looked as it would slip 12-18 months as a result. Steve (HTDS) came in and mitigated our listing issues in a matter of months. His list of requirements for each product were clear and concise. HTDS handled the analysis, testing and CE certification of 4 products simultaneously. The process was seamless and our products were released on time and on budget. HTDS services came at a fraction of the cost of the large companies and orders of magnitude faster. The entire process was a pleasure and I look forward to working with Steve and High Tech Design Safety again in the future."
Matt B.
Electrical Engineer
Ted T
"Working with Steve (HTDS) on various hazardous compliance issues has been a pleasure. HTDS takes a common sense approach to obtaining safety compliance be it for CE or SEMI standards. Whenever we needed some more details or research Steve always knew where to get the required information and this made it all that much easier to address any serious safety issues. We worked with Hydrogen, Silane and other hazardous gases on a regular basis and I would highly recommend Steve Barcik (HTDS) for your compliance consulting needs."​
Ted T.
Automation, Control System Architecture
Scott G
"Steve at HTDS is very creative and a great problem solver. They have the ability to organize and effectively resolve large projects. Steve has great communication skills that enable him to work well with everyone in an expeditious manner."
Scott G.
Semiconductor Manufacturing
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