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Safety Approval


SEMI S2 is the basis of semiconductor equipment safety programs. The standards written by the SEMI organization led the way for safety of semiconductor manufacturing equipment and the handling of hazardous semiconductor manufacturing materials. This is to say, SEMI is the key semiconductor industry standards body. Throughout the industry, you will find that these standards are required for your equipment to achieve customer acceptance.  With literally thousands of pieces of equipment implemented through our company, we certainly have the background and depth to support you through design, testing, evaluation and certification.

Contact us early so that we can support you with rapid development of conforming semiconductor equipment.

safety guidelines

SEMI S2 and SEMI S2-0712a

Environmental, Health, and Safety Guideline for Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment. Previous versions of the standard include SEMI S2-0200, SEMI S2-0302, SEMI S2-1102 & SEMI S2-0303, SEMI S2-0703 SEMI S2-93, SEMI S2-93A.

Types of equipment

SEMI S2 is applicable to all types of semiconductor manufacturing equipment. For example, it applies to: Ion Implanters, Litho Equipment, Wet Benches, Etchers, Mask Aligners, CVD, Saws, Spin Coaters and any other equipment in the Fab. Additionally, it applies to Implanters, Clean Tracks, Chemical Dispense Systems, Bulk Gas Distribution, Gas Cabinets, Gas Source Cabinets, Metrology Systems, Test Systems, CMP Systems, Furnaces, Sub-Systems, and Industrial Lasers.

Industries Served

Semiconductor Manufacturing

Capabilities and Offerings

Our team was part of the group that wrote SEMI S2 and even provided leadership for the writing committee, as well as direction to ensure it was adequate as a guideline for the semiconductor safety industry. High Tech Design Safety, LLC was one of the first companies to provide S2 evaluation and certification services. In short, HTDS provides full turnkey services to complete your certification, evaluation, and testing. Consequently, we have performed S2 evaluations on nearly every single type of semiconductor equipment in your factory.

Summary of the Standard

The semiconductor equipment industry created SEMI S2 with the goal to increase semiconductor equipment safety. Therefore, the standard includes safety labeling, Quitman design, operator interface, ergonomics, safety interlock systems, emergency shutdown, electrical design, fire protection, heated chemical baths, hazardous energy isolation, lockout, mechanical design, seismic protection, automated material handling equipment, environmental considerations, exhaust ventilation, chemicals,  ionizing radiation, nonionizing radiation, lasers, sound pressure level measurement, and fire protection.

Top nonconformities

Often, designers and manufacturers miss the interaction of standards and their design needs. Therefore, contact us for an outline of typical non-conformances. Certainly, working with High Tech Design Safety will help you shorten design time and decrease product cost.

Prep for Conformance

Step one is to contact High Tech Design Safety, LLC to prep a design guide document for your specific piece of equipment and SEMI S2 hazards associated.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my equipment SEMI S2 marked?

Using our Conformity Discovery Process©, we walk you through the SEMI S2 Safety Guidelines. Additionally, we provide all the testing, evaluation and certification of your product. This process will absolutely support you during the design phase. Likewise, this process supports businesses in re-spin where you’re redesigning a product to be either more economical to have a lower cost of ownership or have higher throughput. In addition, we can also work with several of the large labs to provide you with a S2 report from any of the labs that are selected by your end user. Further, we act as in-house product safety managers to accelerate S2 approvals from other larger labs. Our clients repeatedly say that we’ve done it faster, easier and with total less costs than any other method. In short, if you’re planning on running your own SEMI S2 program internally, you may want to rethink that and work with us. We can help you get it done.

What is the fasted way to Complete SEMI S2 requirements?

The fastest way is to operate a Conformity Discovery Process© and work with us to get it done.

Alternatively, you can try and do it yourself. However, we found most companies get their product rejected by end-users.

What are SEMI S2 Safety Guidelines?

SEMI S2 is the Environmental, Health, and Safety Guideline for Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment. Consequently, the large Chip Manufacturing companies will require a S2 Report before making equipment purchases to ensure the safety and design of your piece of equipment.

How do I get SEMI S2 Certified?

Best practice is to start designing your product to the appropriate standards from the beginning. HTDS is here to help you select the right standard. Consequently, many of our clients have come to appreciate having someone support them throughout the process. They recognize it saves time and money.

What standards apply for SEMI S2?

The list of standards is quite extensive. You can find a list here by clicking on the question above. And we would be happy to assist you in selecting the right standard for your specific needs.


We help walk our clients through the process to design based on the standards that it will be tested to and need to comply with in order to enter your desired market.


We can offer a basic timeline to get your product through the process and steps that you can take that will help to expedite the process. Each piece of equipment is different and we can quote your specific equipment.


$10-17K for most equipment. There are factors that you can anticipate will add to the cost and can be planned for in your budget.

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