Our Services

A full suite of product safety testing, evaluation and certification to meet your needs.

Product Safety Testing & Certification

From design to market. As your partner, we help you from the beginning to the end certification...from the initial design concept to conformance with the standards.

We will get the necessary certifications and listings that you need to get your product into the desired markets.

- CE Marking

- UL / NRTL Certification

- NFPA Certification

- SEMI Certification

- ISO Certification

- 3rd Party Evaluation

EMC / EMI Testing

You need a full suite of EMC testing at reasonable rates and a way to use the standards to help you validate and confirm your design meets the requirements. Performing designed pretesting at low entry cost rapidly and easily allows you to confirm your design will pass EMC testing when complete. Did you know with our reports you can self-declare conformity? Even easier our reports will come with certificate of conformity, and a template for your signature to declare conformity.
Additionally, with our support you will be able to troubleshoot your design to understand why there might be excessive RF radiation, magnetic radiation, or conducted radiation. Resolve those issues through standards review with our RF experts.
Reasonable scopes, clear timelines, and sensible rates get you to market quicker.
With laboratories both in Austin, Texas and Albuquerque, New Mexico we can either test your product in our lab or in your facility.

On-site Field Testing & Evaluation

Field Labeling, NRTL Labeling, Field Evaluation

Have a Request for Quote or Purchase Order for equipment that requires labeling? Or already shipped your equipment and complications arise...We will visit the site, evaluate, test, create a plan with best practices to meet compliance, then re-inspect and certify to get you up and running.

Based on the national electric code, all installed electrical equipment shall be suitable for use and this is typically evidenced by being listed or labeled/field label by a nationally recognized listing and testing laboratory, or an approved third-party evaluation laboratory.

Verification shall be by means of a label, embossment, etching, plate, etc., on the product bearing the logo of the approved nationally recognized testing agency or an approved third-party evaluation laboratory.

The approved nationally recognized testing agencies are accredited by OSHA in accordance with 29 CFR 1910.7 and / or an approved third-party evaluation laboratory by the building official. Complex and/or Unique Equipment: Non-listed, complex and unique equipment must be evaluated by an approved third-party testing agency, or by an approved licensed engineering firm at no cost to this jurisdiction.

A documented report shall be required indicating the testing standard, specification, method of testing and stating that the equipment or material meets appropriate designated standards or has been tested and found suitable for use in a specified manner.

Conformity Discovery Process©

This is your go-to process for getting product through listing, labeling, certification...quicker with more reliability to timeline and costs than any other process.

Unsure about what is next for getting your product conforming to the standards? or how to get there? We make that clear and easy.

Start by determining the specific scope that will be required to have your equipment listed, labeled and certified. Then at each design gate perform the Conformity Discovery Process© to see where there are gaps between the product as it is now and where it needs to be in order to conform.

Also, while going along, build in any pretesting that might be needed. For example, EMC EMI testing, electrical ground testing, over temperature and heating testing, and things like interlock design and failure modes design, and things like Sistema and other detailed systems to allow you to design your product to the requirements. As this is all moving forward, we will manage the laboratory testing and processes for you to maintain momentum, minimize iteration and move towards delivery of certification.

Each of these steps is handled by a consultant evaluator who will work from the standard line by line to ensure that your product meets the requirements as it is being designed and built. You will have a compliant product towards the end including things like labeling marking, manuals, nameplates and other details which are often left, and end up being part of the conformity package sent to the lab shortening the process by weeks or even months. And ensuring the delivery of your product to the market.

This process will accelerate your CE Marking, Listing, UL, SEMI or any other conformity projects.

A partial list of test we can perform

We offer most types of testing that would be necessary to get your product operating including:

- Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Testing
- Environmental Testing
- Energy Efficiency Testing
- Functional Safety Services
- Mechanical Safety Testing
- Xray Field Measurements
- Laser Radiation Measurement
- Sound Level Testing
- Ground Continuity Testing
- Pressure Testing and Hydrostatic Testing
- Lifting Equipment Testing and Failure Testing
- Shock and Vibration Testing
- Flammability Testing
- Personal Protective Equipment Testing
- Temperature Rise Testing
- Electrical Component Testing
- Heater Circuit Power and Interlock Testing

Don't see your testing on this list....Reach out and let us know what you need...Given the unique applications on some pieces of equipment, we may not have it listed above .... and totally have the ability to complete the testing to meet your needs.