About HTDS

Safety By Design

First and foremost we believe in safety. Safety from the design stage, through meticulous manufacturing and implementation with intention. We focus on safety for our clients, their staff, their clients and the environment. The world deserves to be a safe place and that’s why we design it that way.


HTDS has been providing high value add conformity evaluations since 2000, while our principals have been performing S2 and CE evaluations since 1997. Located in Austin, Texas, with field offices in Bend, Oregon and Albuquerque, New Mexico. Having engineers available worldwide, we can meet your project needs. HTDS provides Conformity Discovery Process ©, design stage reviews, testing, evaluation, non-conformity resolution, certification, labeling, listing, recognition, and custom services for your high tech products and systems.


HTDS adds value by solving evaluation problems with deep knowledge of the standards. Simply put, if your equipment doesn't conform during the design or evaluation process we help you resolve it for a positive outcome and evaluation which accelerates your time to market. One of the companies that we worked with had been working for 14 months with a large test lab and with much frustration and no result. They came to HTDS...we helped them increased their revenues by 80% by completing their CE mark in less than 20 business days.


When you work with HTDS you work with principals and seasoned industry subject matter experts. We respond to quote requests within four hours and turn quotes around within 24 hours. We respond to corrective actions and responses to report and enter report details for CE marking, UL certification, and other requirements within 24 hours.


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About HTDS Values


Us, our team, our families, our client's families and the greater community are our key focus. Our primary goal is taking care of people, and keeping people safe, while still getting their equipment to market as rapidly as possible and keeping them in a growing business.


We will be straight with you and tell you the facts about the process and evaluations and how to get it done. On a regular basis, we reduce the scope of projects, thereby reducing the income we generate on a per project basis. However, when we're effective with your programs, you’ll come back for more work. We still have our first customer from 1997 and continue to do projects for them on a quarterly basis. Integrity is the basis of all relationships and is key to taking care of people and our business.


You need results. You need your equipment evaluated and certified. That is the result that we aim for and hit. We take our role as your partner to market very serious and will make every effort to meet or accelerate deadlines and deliverables. Our principals have been in the industry for many years and in many cases, were part of the teams that created the standards that you are looking to comply with, thereby generating results above and beyond people who have not worked standards before.

What we do At HTDS

High Tech Design Safety is a Regulatory Compliance/product certification provider in many areas of hazards and standards. Specifically, we manage Capital Equipment Compliance through completing 3rd party Evaluation and performing in-depth 3rd Party Testing.  Your CE Compliance and CE Marking needs can be completed easily and rapidly by our in-house team, including supporting developing Technical Files and Technical Construction Files. If you also need UL Certification that can be accomplished concurrently.  You need your project  completed as rapidly and effectively as possible.

Each of our team members loves what they do and we take pride in a team that gets to work in their expertise, playing a part in a company achievement.  You enjoy your work and you are excited about the equipment you’re producing. That is part of our excitement, as well as, getting to see what you’re building and help you complete getting to market.

We are very practical and straightforward about the services that you need to fulfill your mission to get to market. We also give it to you straight so that you can make informed decisions on the path. Wherever possible, we will reduce the scope of testing and evaluation.

Through the years, we have continued to make our processes and procedures clearer and easier so that our customers can count on the results.  In many cases, we have reduced the effort required so that you can get to market quicker.

We make it a priority to simplify the process and get you to market as quickly and easily as possible. All of our clients are long term because they know they can count on us to be practical, reasonable and effective at getting them to market.

What is the difference

When choosing a path to market, it is important to know what you are getting in to and what you can expect along the way. HTDS fills the need for companies that may not have a dedicated EHS team and are looking to get to market as quick and efficiently as possible.

Large NRTL & Big Test Labs HTDS
Typically takes 2-4 weeks to quote a project Typically take 24 Hours to quote a project
Typically takes 10 weeks for CE marking Typically takes 10 business days for common equipment to get CE marking
You may never know if you pass testing and it is not uncommon to start with one test lab and then have to abandon and start with a new lab Using our Conformity Discovery Process©, your product is designed to pass
You may find yourself working with evaluators that are from other disciplines. An example, we have seen where the bigger labs had a kitchen test lab guy testing semiconductor equipment. We are experts in the equipment that we test and evaluate. Our team comes from a seasoned manufacturing and design background.

Get Your Safety Approval Easier, Faster and Less Expensive Than you thought

Most of our business is by referral. We have the same customer we started with when we first opened our doors and continue to expand that to serve more teams and companies. We have worked for a range of Fortune 100 companies and are on several R&D teams running our Conformity Discovery Process©.  We work with small start-ups to start ups who have now grown large.  Across many industries, we still focus on what we know.  And we drive to complete your projects.