Get a Quote for 61010 For CE Marking

Get a Quote for 61010 For CE Marking
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How do I get a quote for 61010 for CE Marking? This is logically the next question needing answered after a team decision to take a product to market.  As part of the planning process, you will need to know the resources required to properly allocate your money, time and resources to meet your team’s timelines.  In our video today, you will find the information that you will need to have on hand when requesting a quote, the options to consider for testing locations, the timing you can expect for the quoting process and the steps that are involved with typical projects that require evaluation to 61010 for CE Marking.

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What You can Expect From the video and Blog

How Do I Get A Quote for 61010 for CE Marking

The first step is to contact a third-party test lab, like us here at High Tech Design Safety, LLC. Accordingly, the third-party test lab is your partner in the process.  That is to say, we take this very serious and completely understand that many companies require a non-disclosure agreement to even feel comfortable having the initial conversation. Therefore, we are happy to send a signed non-disclosure agreement following the initial contact.

Required Details To Scope for 61010 For CE Marking

Now, it is time to get into the specifics of your equipment and needs by creating a scope for the project.  Initially, you will share things like, how it is powered, the voltage, current, and any hazards that are associated with equipment or process.  Additionally, you will want to share if there are any moving parts, lasers, light emitting or heaters.  Accordingly, all of these things are important to getting you successfully through the process. Consequently, the more thorough and transparent, the best and smoothest outcome can be achieved for you.

If you are already clear about the testing you are needing, then to expedite the process, you may choose to share this information with us through our Quote Form.  From there, we will create an outline of testing.

Likewise, if you are looking for additional guidance on the best path to conformity, then we can help you create the scope through a conversation about your specific equipment.  Without delay, we will help you determine the testing you will be needing and exactly the things that your equipment needs to consider when getting CE Marking for 61010.

Options for Testing Locations

Another important detail to work through that directly impacts the cost and timeline is the location for the testing. Here are a few important questions to consider. Can the third-party test lab evaluate the equipment at their lab?  Can your equipment or product be shipped?  Will the third-party test laboratory need to go to your site for the testing?  If so, where are you located?  These variables are critical components to the equation. 

Many times, equipment is small and relatively easy to ship to our lab.  Consequently, this will bring the cost down.  Subsequently, there may be fewer considerations when fitting into our lab schedule as opposed to your facility schedule. Particularly if you have multiple products in production.

If the testing is to be done on your site, then travel costs will be added. And then, of course, necessary scheduling requirements will have to be coordinated with the various teams.

How long Does it take to get a Quote for 61010 For CE Marking

Once the steps above have been worked through, within less than 18 hours and typically within 2 hours, you’ll get a quote for the evaluation and testing (on the site you sent us).

Here at High Tech Design Safety, LLC., we understand the importance of having information in a timely manor and therefore, work very hard to turn your quote around quickly.  This allows you and your teams to make the important decisions that need to be made to get to market.

As a word of caution, not all third-party test laboratories share the same values and desires. Often, we get calls from new customers that have had a less than pleasant experience with a bigger lab.  Sometimes it takes weeks to even get a call back and the quote takes even longer.  Many times quick turnaround times are claimed and then clients get caught in a loop with the bigger labs.

The process

The project gets kicked off  to the next level once we receive a Purchase Order. At this point, we arrange for the product evaluations based on the Scope and Outline of Testing.  Once that is completed, we will work with you to close any non-conformances to receive approvals and certifications.


1. Contact us at High Tech Design Safety, LLC.

2. If you require a Non-Disclosure Agreement, send it over to us.

3. Share the details of your product.

4. Develop a scope with outline of testing.

5. Determine how and where the equipment will be evaluated. 

6. Get a quote for the evaluation and testing.

7. Send a Purchase Order.

8.  Arrange and perform equipment/product evaluation (remote or on-site depending on your product requirements)

9. Close conformance gaps

10. Receive Approval Certifications

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