Standards For Equipment Design and Manufacturing

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Where do I get the standards?

You will design your product to a specific standard or set of standards. Conformity assessment for your hardware product, or consumer product is based around a series of directives and standards. The linked pages; here will show you which standards we look at and give you a sample of the standards and some narrative about which standards are which and how they apply.

Which standard do I need to use?  Which UL standard is the right one?  Which CE marking standard should I use? Which electrical standard doing need? Which laser standard do I need?

Through our Conformity Discovery Process ©; We will identify which standards you will need to use to have your product become conforming at the end of evaluation process. As part of this process we will determine specific category for your product type of product, and then which standards apply to your product.

In most cases, a generic industrial equipment standard, laboratory test equipment standard, medical equipment standard, consumer product or appliance standard will apply. In some very particular cases, there will be a product specific standard that we will also use. Additionally, there are standards for particular hazards for subsystems included in your equipment. For example, lasers, x-rays, heating systems, hazardous materials and gases.

Once we have scope which standards apply to your equipment. Then we will be able to help you with your design review process.

We answer the questions of what standards do you need to use.

If you do not select the right standards early on. Then your design may miss the target of conformity when evaluated. How I select the right standard? This question gets answered by first which countries you intend to go to what type of equipment do you have and what level of certification do you need.?  These three answers will give us a long way to providing you a full list of the standards.

Here are links to some of the standards websites;

The IEC has an amazing number of standards, and actually very very good explanation material. For CE marking and for global conformity look to the IEC website. We will help you choose which standards you need, then you can purchase them and get started on your project, while we’re doing your Conformity Discovery Process ©.

UL has a very broad range of standards from roofing materials to water heaters to electrical wiring. How do I know which UL standard I need to use? We will help you determine which UL standard to use by sorting through the various generic standards and product specific standards and generating a guide to help you through the standards process. UL uses guides which incorporate several different standards, and test protocols into your final inspection process. We understand the UL guide system UL standards and how to get done with your listing project.

American National Standards Institute, ANSI, is an amazing organization which literally has standards across hundreds of different industry. How do I know if I need to use an ANSI standard? Which ANSI standards should I use? How to get approved to an ANSI standard? We help you answer all of these questions and more. Once we get details on your product, product type and specific hazards will help you select the specific standard or standards from ANSI that you will need.

American Society of Mechanical Engineers, ASME, is an outstanding group of individuals that have designed millions of pieces of equipment and come together to provide you with standardization for building that equipment. Which codes do I need for boilers? Which codes do I need for pressure vessels? How to get approved to the boiler standard? How to get approved to the pressure vessel code?  We have worked on some of the most extreme types of pressure vessels…super high pressure toxic materials of flammable materials and so we know our way around the pressure codes and boiler codes.

We can help you determine which code you need to use and how to most effectively comply with those codes.

IECEx standards are the international set of standards written specifically for the design of equipment and ignitable or explosive atmospheres. How do I know which IECEx standard or the acts standard I need to design my equipment? How do I design for flammable atmospheres?  These answers are more provided in the IECEx standards. Once we know what type of equipment you’re designing, then we can help you determine which protection techniques are needed. The standards actually revolve around how your protecting the equipment, not the equipment itself. A very interesting distinction. To determine which protection techniques you will use, you will need to ensure you know which zones your equipment will need to go into. Zone 0 being the most strenuous and likely to have an ignitable environment continuously.  Let us help you determine what zones you need and the protection techniques that are suitable for your type of equipment.

There is literally a standard for every product you can imagine, those help you move through that standard selection process rapidly with ease so that you can get back to designing, building and selling great products.