What is Tracer Gas Testing

What is Tracer Gas Testing
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Today, we are going to answer the questions, what is tracer gas testing and SEMI S6. This is one of the many services that we here at High Tech Design Safety, LLC. provide. Additionally, we provide SEMI S2, SEMI S8, UL Certification, NFPA 79, and other product equipment safety approvals and certifications. Furthermore, see our Safety Approvals Services.

Link to video also available here: https://youtu.be/qMT-xLEMUlU

What is Tracer Gas Testing and SEMI S6?

Above all, SEMI S6 is the environmental, health and safety guideline for exhaust ventilation of semiconductor manufacturing equipment. Basically, if your semiconductor equipment uses hazardous chemicals, liquids, vapors or gases, then this is the standard utilized to validate the ventilation system. Consequently, this testing is performed to ensure compliance with the requirements of SEMI S2.

Evaluation Requirements

Firstly, we will take a look at the scope of the equipment and how it works.  By and large, the evaluation requirements include system exhaust parameters, a chemical list, and a sample system connected to an exhaust system in order to test.

What is Tracer Gas Testing Evaluation Process

Initially, the evaluation process includes the evaluation and calculation of which chemicals are the species of concern based on either their occupational exposure limit or their lower explosive limit…or both. Additionally, the evaluation process includes the development and approval of a test plan. And finally, the process includes on-site testing or remote testing at our laboratory.

As part of the process, a tracer gas with equal flow rate to the chemical release will be introduced into the equipment. As a result, this will simulate the release of a hazardous material. Then next, sampling will occur inside the equipment near ignition sources, outside the equipment during normal operation, outside the equipment during maintenance activities and finally, worst case failure modes. Thus, this is performed to validate that the SEMI S2 requirements are achieved.

Once the exhaust parameters are set and containment of the chemical is achieved, then the exhaust flow is reduced to ensure that the lowest possible exhaust flow rate is utilized to contain the chemicals of concern. After that, the evaluation report will be generated and a conformity certificate is provided for passing of SEMI S6.


In summary, now that you have a basic understanding of what is tracer gas testing and the standard that applies for the Semiconductor Industry, we can continue to expand the topic in our upcoming blogs and videos. If you are ready to explore your specific needs of tracer gas testing and for a proven and tested path to conformance, then please contact us. We provide experienced and detailed SEMI S6 evaluataions.

1. Contact us at High Tech Design Safety, LLC.

2. We will help you scope the testing your specific product needs

3. Get a quote for the evaluation and testing, then you will send a Purchase Order

4. Evaluation Process (our Conformity Discovery Process) including collecting data and creating a test plan

5. Arrange and perform testing and evaluation (remote or on-site depending on your product requirements)

6. Close conformance gaps

7. Receive Approval Certifications for passing SEMI S6

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