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Are You Looking To Get Your Product Listed, Labeled or Certified?



Listed with a National Recognized Test Laboratory
$ 22-30K Base Price for Simple Product/Equipment
  • Additonal $5-10K for each complexity
  • Additional $5-10K for each hazard
  • Additional $2-3K for US travel - fee and time (Travel is higher for Europe, Korea and Japan)

CE Mark

European Markets
$ 11-14K Base Price for Most Equipment
  • Additional $3-12K EMC and EMI
  • Additional $12-17K Radio Directive (transmitter)
  • Additional $3K for each hazard like lasers, LED diodes, magnetics, pressure vessels...
  • Additional $2-3K added for US travel - fees and time. Travel is higher for Europe, Korea and Japan. We love when you can ship it to us!
Best Value


$ 10-17K Base Price for Simple Equipment
  • Additional $5-10K for each hazard
    (examples include RF generator, pyrophoric/poisonous/toxic gases, flammable gases)
  • Additional $12-22K for Tracer Gas Testing
  • Additional $10-12K Lower Explosive Limit (LEL Testing)
  • Additional $2-3K for US travel - fees and time
    (Travel is higher for Europe, Korea and Japan)
  • Additional $12-22K SEMI S6 and F14


Today let’s discuss internal resources, or what your company is going to need to have or have in place to be sure that you have the team and the money and everything else to get it done.  This includes the mindset and understanding of what it is going to take and the internal roles, so you as a project manager can be successful.

In the further training course about getting your product listed, labeled or certified…Today we’re going to talk about which countries to get listed or certified for. This is important because it will control your scope and your timeline along with your project costs.

Let’s get real and down to the bottom line.  What does it cost to have a SEMI S2 evaluation?  Many in the industry are hesitant to divulge this information and at the end of the day…it’s what you will need to know to budget, allocate and ultimately pay to get your equipment evaluated. High Tech Design Safety knows that the more educated and informed clients are…the quicker and easier it is for everyone to get through the process and to the goal.