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Measurement and Metrology Equipment

Your project may require listing certification or field labeling to UL / ANSI standards, SEMI S2 and SEMI S8 evaluations and approvals,  Additionally, CE marking for metrology equipment and test and measurement equipment, may be part of the purchase specification for your equipment. We support customer requests for CE marking and S2 approvals as well as UL field labeling for measurement, laboratory and test equipment.  Your goal may be to develop a full range of conformity for all customers in all countries for SEMI S2, SEMI S8 and CE marking for metrology and test and measurement equipment. The process we operate will accelerate your approvals and lower your total costs to acquire these new markets.

Product Approvals

Here are the different approvals you may be asked to obtain for your Laboratory and Metrology Equipment.


The Conformity Discovery Process (c) will accelerate your equipment to market. This process will accelerate your acquisition of new markets and support having your equipment comply with the required standards, codes and laws in order to enter your desired market.


You can accelerate your timeline to get your product through the process and there are steps that you can take that will help to expedite the process. Each piece of equipment is different, and we can quote your specific equipment.


$22-30K for most equipment. There are factors that you can anticipate will add to the cost and can be planned for in your budget. For example, additional individual hazards and standards are between $2K and $5K each, i.e. if the equipment contains a laser system there will be additional standards and safety features required.


You need to move forward with the process to test, evaluate and validate your product to using the required standards to get the necessary approvals for your markets. Here is a list of testing that may be required for your Metrology Equipment.

Product Standards

These are the standards that may apply to your product in the clean energy field. We can help you to determine the best standard to meet your specific needs. And designing to the standard is going to be the best practice.

Resources From The Field

CE Marking

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SEMI S2 – Section 9 Manuals Part 5 – Section 9.6.6 Maintenance Procedures with Potential Environmental Impacts

Video training course for details of SEMI S2 Welcome to Part 5 of our discussion of Section 9 of SEMI S2. This section details all the documentation you will provide to the end user. This documentation may come in several forms, manuals, facilities installation documents, chemical lists, safety data sheets, and drawings. However, the information

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