Outline of HTDS Conformity Discover Process for getting your product listed, labeled and certified

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This is the next addition to our video series on getting your product listed, labeled or certified.  Today our CEO, Steve Barcik Amstel is going to speak about the Conformity Discovery Process and how using our process can save you time and money when getting your product to market. 

Outline of the HTDS Conformity Discovery Process

Link to video also available here: https://youtu.be/2gt8OZB0CsM

The Conformity Discovery Process is the process we here at High Tech Design Safety use to get your product through listing, labeling, certification… quicker with more reliability to timeline and costs than any other process.

This is important because a lot of our clients tell us that reliability around getting their products to market is extremely critical… and it’s true. We know that your marketing, your sales, your board, your investment, all rely on your design process and at the end your listing, labeling or certification process. 

The process we use is the Conformity Discovery Process and what we do is figure out what you want to build and the hazards that are going to be associated with that… whether you have a laser hazard, X-ray hazard, pressure vessel, chemical…of course, electrical, moving parts, or robotics. 

Whatever the hazards are and the product is…that allows us to then scope which standards are required and which testing is required. 

Now by having a solid determined scope, when you go to the lab, you will not get the scope creep that is very common. 

Then we validate budget and provide you a quote.

Now with other places…They want to get your product in there and do a tabletop review and say…. Well we’re not really sure what your product is…  we would need to get it in here and understand it. And then you’re on the hook for several weeks and $5000 to $10,000. Then you find out what the timeline, scope and cost is going to be. 

Not a great process. Doesn’t work well for you.

 Our process… understands what it is we are working with… we scope it, validate the budget and quote.

Then from there, you build the product to the standard required presenting documents and data and documentation to show that it is designed that way. 

Then we do, pretesting to validate it and make sure it actually works and it passes the testing. 

Perform your design reviews along the way… we come in on a regular basis either virtually or in person and continue to focus on conformity. 

That way you can uncover things that need to be added to the product at the very beginning or at the early stage of the process.  Once you have samples, we go to testing and pretesting. 

And then after we’re sure you are going to pass; we go to evaluation and validation. Once that testing and evaluation is complete, you are listed and certified. 

A very clear, concise, planned and driven way to get your product to market. 

That’s our Conformity Discovery Process. 

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