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Consumer Products

You are developing a consumer product, an exciting time in your company’s product development process. If this is an all new product, congratulations, great things are coming… and some challenges as well. Critical to getting your product to market is meeting all product safety standards for this market. You want to have a process to get your product to market reliably and ensuring that it conforms to all the required standards. Even if you choose to wait until you have market traction and revenue before you go for listing or labeling or certification of your product, you will still want your design to meet the requirements and proved due diligence in product safety.

You may choose to implement our Conformity Discovery Process (c)(c) which will allow you to more rapidly and easily get your product to market. Consumer products cover a large number of different hazards, safety issues, risks, and a wide range of standards that are required to be implemented to reduce those safety issues and risks.

The Conformity Discovery Process (c)(c) walks you through from design to prototype to first article in such a way that you meet certification.

Our team is made up of engineers, designers, evaluators and test people who have all been part of bringing a product to market. Within our team, there are many startups generated and experience both our own and our clients. We get the need to get to market fast, the time cost, the burn rate cost is the most critical metric for any startup. When you lose weeks, months to the certification process because being out of sync with what is needed, it can easily sink a startup. Alternatively going for certification tos early is also an issue.

You want a way to get to market, and we can help you see that with a clear and expedited path.

Product Approvals

Here are the different approvals we assist with consumer products.


We help walk our clients through the process to design based on the standards that it will be tested to and need to comply with in order to enter your desired market.


We can offer a basic timeline to get your product through the process and steps that you can take that will help to expedite the process. Each piece of equipment is different and we can quote your specific equipment.


$12-32K for most equipment. There are factors that you can anticipate that will add to the cost and can be planned for in your budget. Why is there such a large span in these costs? It has to do with your equipment, you may have something very simple that will be on the low end of the scale, and is designed to operate from low voltage, and a pre-approved power supply. Or you may have something that is very large, complex, and multiple hazards. For example, a dishwasher or a dryer, or a large residential solar project, each of these has different sizes and scopes. We can help scope this project for you in a way that makes most sense.


We will test, evaluate and validate your product using the required standards to get the necessary approvals for your markets. Here are a list of testing that may be required for consumer products.

Product Standards

These are the standards that may apply to your consumer product. We can help you to determine the best standard to meet your specific needs. And designing to the standard is going to be the best practice.

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