Cost for Tracer Gas Testing

Cost for Tracer Gas Testing

Today we will explain the factors that go into the cost of tracer gas testing and what you can anticipate when creating your budgets for acquiring safety approvals to get your product to market.

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How much Does Tracer Gas Testing Cost?

Well, this is always a big question among our clients who need this done. The goal and process of tracer gas testing is to validate enclosures for exhaust design and flow rates. Additionally, it validates the contain and capture of exhaust chemicals, vapors and gases (dusts) that are released from your process or your equipment in upset condition. Thus, ensuring the protection of people working in the areas of the equipment. The testing is also done to ensure that flammable and combustible materials will not build up.

So, the question is, how much does this cost. For the simplest project, the cost is $8500. In general, common chemicals and one or two test chambers with 1 or 2 exhaust ducts will cost $9,999 or just under $10K. Of course, travel gets added in. Adding complexity increases the costs. And what we have found is that most projects end up costing about $14K all in.  If you can send the equipment to us, that lowers your total cost and speeds up testing substantially.

Factors that Impact the Cost

There are several factors that you can anticipate will add to the cost and can be planned for in your budget. The first factor is the number of chambers or multiple chambers. This means more testing and more work.

Another factor is the use of some very hazardous or dangerous gases. Some of the gases may be extremely dangerous, therefore, the Lower Explosive Limit or the occupational exposure limits are very low. This requires extra work to ensure that the equipment passes the testing and that the test equipment has a low enough detection limit.

Additional factors include the use of flammable materials, which requires testing at any ignition point adding to the scope of work. Lastly, the level of complexity of the test plan impacts the length of time on-site or whether the testing can be completed in our laboratory.  All of these variables may increase the overall cost. Each piece of equipment is different, and we will quote your specific equipment needs.

Options for Testing

We can also add several options onto the testing. One critical option for testing is computational flow dynamic (CFD) analysis. This testing will let us know exactly where we think your equipment will flow. And furthermore, will aid testing and be more of value to you as an engineering tool.

Another option for testing is to do multiple exhaust flow rate reductions to optimize and minimize exhaust flowrate. Additionally, we can look through breakthrough testing to analyze larger flow rates in the system and see you when you might actually get breakthrough of these gases. Additional options for testing can be done for any end-user specification. Some Fabs have highly detailed test requirements, examples like Intel and Samsung. Consequently, this testing is going to add to the cost. There are additional costs associated above the typical SEMI S2 test.

And then, many clients have experiments they would like us to try out. They outline to do this or that as part of the tracer gas testing engagement. In this type of scenario, we will do the tracer gas testing to be sure that we get the results you need for SEMI S6 and then we can add on any experiments you want. Let us know what you want or let us help you figure out your scope or desired outcome. We will share those options with you. As part of the product development process, let us also help you understand how to design your enclosures to meet those requirements.

Basic Cost

Each piece of equipment is different, and we will quote your specific equipment needs.

Tracer Gas Testing

Simplest Enclosures using Simple Gases
$ 8,500 Testing In Our Lab
  • Simple Enclosure
  • Simple Gases
  • Simple Test Plan

Tracer Gas Testing

Complex Systems with Variables
$ 9,999 Testing in our lab/or on-site
  • One or Two Test Chambers
  • One or Two Exhaust Ducts
  • Common Chemicals

Tracer Gas Testing

More Complex Projects
$ 14K On-site Testing
  • Multiple Test Chambers
  • Very Hazardous or Dangerous Gases
  • Flammable Materials
Most Projects


In summary, these are the basic costs for tracer gas testing.

Simplest enclosures using simple gases – $8500

Normal testing – just under $10K

Very complex tests do cost more

Most projects end up about $14K all in

Travel Expense is variable for on-site testing

Of course, you can send any equipment to us to lower costs and speed up testing!

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