Shifting Gears on Equipment Design and Standards with High Tech Design Safety

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Our team here at High Tech Design Safety has been giving a lot of thought to how we are presenting the data on equipment design and the standards needed to get there. What we’ve noticed is that we are giving you a ton of information about the standards and in depth information about how to get to your final CE Mark, listing, labeling, nationally recognized test lab, approvals…. And we have been giving you acronym after acronym… standard number after standard number. Today, our CEO, Steve Barcik Amstel shares how we are shifting gears to help you and your teams get to market faster and easier. 

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What you have is a product in front of you or your company designs a range of products and that’s where you start. You start over there with a product, not acronyms and standard numbers. You start with your product!! So we are working to shift gears on this and start with the products. So, beginning with next week Steve is going to show you from beginning to end how we would design for a specific product type. Look forward to talking to you then. Have a great day. 

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