Replacing 60950 with 62368 Implementation Timeline

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We are continuing our series on Information Technology Equipment Design Standards. Last video we talked about the primary differences between 60950 and 62368 and in today’s video we talk about the timeline of the phase out.

IEC 60950 and UL 62368 replacement timeline

Link to video also available here:

We had a great comment on the last video from Daniel Mitchell who is a Global Product Safety Manager about the implementation dates of the new standard IEC 62368-1, which is replacing UL 60950-1.  Daniel is correct that the implementation and cut in date for the new standard is December 20, 2020. So, this year, eight months out from yesterday.

This is a really big deal. There will be a lot of revision reports required across our industries. Same thing with UL in the USA… the implementation date stays the same.

High Tech Design Safety shares the importance and impact of replacing standard 620950 with UL 62368

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We will be helping our clients and you understand what it takes to shift from 60950 to 62368. Very easy.  I’m so used to using 60950 for so many years, but the key thing is that the new standard is more of a hazards-based approach and deals more with consumer safety in my opinion. And we will be able to work through all of it again. Thank you, Daniel for that comment.

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