SEMI S2 – Section 9 Manuals Part 5 – Section 9.6.6 Maintenance Procedures with Potential Environmental Impacts

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Video training course for details of SEMI S2

Welcome to Part 5 of our discussion of Section 9 of SEMI S2. This section details all the documentation you will provide to the end user. This documentation may come in several forms, manuals, facilities installation documents, chemical lists, safety data sheets, and drawings. However, the information must be imparted to the end user in order for the equipment to pass this section of SEMI S2.

Our intention for providing this training is to develop a full end in course which will provide you the requirements for SEMI S2. Particular sections you may skip, however section 9 is required for all equipment. Individual line items within section 9 may not apply your equipment.

It is interesting to note that these requirements tend to be pervasive across all standards bodies, including if you desire ANSI/UL listing, CE marking, or other global entry such as CB scheme. NFPA, and the uniform building code and international building code also have these requirements. While SEMI S2 is a very thorough document it is not comprehensive and complete in achieving these other certifications or listings.

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High Tech Design Safety CEO, Steve Barcik Amstel has been going through section-by-section and line-by-line of SEMI S2 in a video training course to provide a better understanding of what you will be providing your end users and evaluators to help you get your semiconductor equipment to market. The section that we have been covering is Section 9, which includes all of the documentation required to be provided to the end user. Previously we discussed Section 9.6, which details the Manuals and all of the various pieces of information that must be included. This videos continues with Section 9.6.6 Maintenance Procedures with Potential Environmental Impacts. Section 9 is very detailed and specific about every aspect of your equipment and we are breaking it down line-by-line to ensure you have all of the documentation required.

Link to video also available here:

Section 9.6.6 Maintenance Procedures with Potential Environmental Impacts is used to identify maintenance and service processes and procedures that might result in a chemical release or an environmental impact. So for example, if you were to provide a procedure for changing a filter or for changing a mass flow controller or some other part that deals with the chemical section or the exhaust, abatement or vacuum pump sections or anywhere else in your equipment that would have hazardous materials. This section identifies where those releases might occur and then also how one would go about disposing the materials generated during that service operation.

In this section we will identify chemicals and their hazards, volumes and other issues that we have to take care of when we are servicing or maintaining the equipment. This section will include chemical lists, volumes, types of drains, exhausts…maybe a supplemental exhaust needs to be provided to capture fumes…maybe spill containment needs to be provided…there might be a proposed amount of material that would come out…And this section should also include ways to mitigate, reduce and eliminate these hazardous materials during those operation, service and maintenance procedures and steps.

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