Equipment Certifications

Semiconductor SafetyHigh Tech Design Safety is a Regulatory Compliance provider in many areas of hazards and standards. Specifically we manage Capital Equipment Compliance through completing 3rd party Evaluation and performing in depth 3rd Party Testing.  Your CE Compliance and CE Marking needs can be completed easily and rapidly by our in house team, including developing Technical Files and Technical Construction Files. If you also need UL Listing, that can be accomplished concurrently as well as Ergonomic Compliance.

For the standards of SEMI S2 / SEMI S8 is also an area of our expertise.  Additional if you require NFPA certification and Standards Interpretation along with Quality Systems develop we can provide full service from design to conformity depending on your project needs. Electricals safety of equipment and the Low Voltage Directive are part of these services. We have specialized in the Semiconductor Manufacturing Industry by providing Safety, compliance, testing, standards, SEMI and Code interpretations.