UL 60950 Part 2 with High Tech Design Safety

High Tech Design Safety Part 2 UL 60950 Standard for Information Technology Equipment
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High Tech Design Safety Part 2 UL 60950 Standard for Information Technology Equipment

Today we’re going to talk more about UL 60950, the standard for information technology equipment.

We are going to talk about the standards and designs and how to accelerate your design and obtain rapid approval.

In this video presentation Steve gives the outline of the standard with the scope… and this time he shows you more about how you would find that standard and look at it and get information to be sure that this is the right standard for your product.  This is a very practical and hands on post today and it is best to follow along as you watch the video.

Link to video also available here: https://youtu.be/k-Pz1scVsss

If you missed the last video in this series, please click this link where Steve gives an overview of the standard 60950-1 & 62368-1 IEC,UL,ANSI Standard for Information Technology Equipment with High Tech Design Safety

First you would search for UL 60950 and then you click on UL 60950 on the UL Standards website. Following along in the video you see the link for UL 60950 and then on the right column…are all the reference standards within 60950. So there are a lot of references going on here.  Now scroll down so that you can see the scope.  We talked about the scope last time, but more specifically as you continue to stroll down and I know this looks crazy on the video… here it is. 

Generic type of equipment and specific examples

This shows you what kind of equipment 60950 applies to and what else might be considered 60950 type of equipment.

Then as we scroll back up, you will see the…

Table of Contents

In the table of contents…this is going to tell you exactly what’s in the standard, and then next time we are really going to go into depth on protection from hazards.  That is mainly what these standards are for.

So for the first three sections we will talk about protection from shock and then we will talk about limited current and power sources, provisions for earthing and bonding,  overcurrent and earth fault protection and all the things that make the equipment safe. So this is getting deeper into UL 60950. This is next in our series and look again for us going deeper into the standard in future videos. Thank you and have a great week.  UL 60950-1 information technology business equipment and consumer equipment. Call Carl UL 61131-2. Standard for Programmable Controllers – Part 2 UL 61010 UL 60601 medical equipment requirements for listing

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