Top S2 and CE Non Conformances

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This video is a continuation of our series on how to get your product certified to UL, CE marking or all the other types of certifications you might need…NFPA, etc.

You are going to need your product certified at some point.

We have talked about safety, warnings for manuals and labels and we have talked about the process to get you there in the previous videos. Now we are going to take a jump back and talk about all the things you will need to have taken care of to get your product through the certification process.


Here at HTDS we work with hundreds of products each year and help teams similar to yours get those products through this process. The information presented in this video comes from the 23 years of experience that CEO and Founder, Steve Barcik Amstel has as a consultant and test lab and even his previous experience working for other companies inside as a product safety engineer or other engineer doing this work.

In this video we are going to talk about the ten things that you have to have to get your product certified and the top misses on UL, S2 and CE certification process.

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