Facility Assessment

Facility Assessement Osha EPA Compliance HTDSYour facility and the safety and efficiency of that facility and its employees are critical. Our team has performed hundreds of facilities assessments. Each of these assessments has given the management and employees a greater sense of ease of compliance, reduced risk, increased throughput, reduced waste and increased profitability. We can perform electrical facilities assessments, fire safety facilities assessments, expansion assessments, and exhaust and abatement assessments. We can provide life safety code assessments and expansion plans, building code assessments, and even structural and seismic assessments.

Your facility is primary to maintaining and expanding jobs and profitability. We will review your facility to the national electric code, national fire code, NFPA, IFC, and any other local building codes, local electrical codes, or other code that you desire. When risks are managed and contained, people and the environment are protected, when not loss of life and huge environmental impacts occur.

OSHA, EPA, and local code compliance is critical to the ongoing operations at your facility. You may need a national electrical code inspection of your facility or the evaluation of electrical distribution. Or you may need an OSHA fall protection audit. We can perform facilities assessments and provide you and your team tools to make interim facilities audits.

Reasons to have a facility assessment; past loss and injury experience, history of electrical failures breakdowns, history of deferred maintenance, California OSHA requirement, insurance company requirement, insurance company discount, and many others. However, the best reason is in order to develope a more efficient, safe and profitable facility while minimizing risk and maximizing opportunity.

Please call us now so we can scope and set up and begin your facility assessment. Achieve peace of mind.