HTDS Tests for Flammability of Plastic Materials

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High Tech Design Safety, HTDS,  is a third-party test laboratory. We do evaluation, certification and design reviews and as well as this whole other space called conformity discovery process, which allows your team to discover how much they already conform and then learn what it takes to get the rest of the conformity in place to get your product to market.

We get a wide range of products that come through our facilities AND that we see out in the field. Today we are talking about testing for flammability of plastic materials.

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In today’s video, we talk about requirements for UL 94 – Tests for Flammability of Plastic Materials for parts in devices and appliances. HTDS engineer, Greg Melia shares a recent test done for one of our clients that required specific testing to get their listing and meet requirements to get their product to market.

UL 94 is one of the standards for testing the flammability of plastics. It is very important, particularly in consumer products with plastic components. This is especially true with any products that have high heat or major heat sources inside of them. For our client in this test, the plastic that they wanted to use for their product did not already carry a UL listing for the flammability rating of the plastic. So we did the 500 watt vertical burn test on this plastic in order to make sure that they could get the right rating that they needed. The plastic that they used tested successfully both with the bar specimens and the plaque specimens so that we were able to get them the 5 VA rating, equivalent to a V-0 rating. This is the highest rating that the standard provides. This allowed them to finish their project so that they could continue on to get their listing and also meet the certification requirements internationally as well.

At High Tech Design Safety, HTDS, we can help you with your flame testing of your product and also the other testing that is required to get your listing and to get your certifications internationally. At High Tech Design Safety we do all of these things for you. We’re a one-stop service that can help you with all of your certification needs. As you can see with this flame testing, we were able to successfully help this customer out and we can help you too. If you enjoyed this video and want to see more like it, please hit “like” and subscribe and contact us for all your product safety needs.

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