Equipment Certification and Design Process

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Do you have a piece of equipment that needs to be certified?  High Tech Design Safety’s CEO and founder, Steve Barcik Amstel walks you through the equipment design and certification process in this week’s video so that you have a clear understanding of what is necessary to get your product to market.

The process works like this;

Initial Call and sharing of product details, from this call we will scope and quote the costs and timeline to certify the product(s). Non-Discourse Agreement if needed.

You will receive a Quote for Costs and Timeline of Project. send back a PO and we get going, have a kick off meeting face to face is best…

We will support the development and collaborate on design, and design reviews, develop the certification project plan, and test plans as needed to certify your product(s).

Next, we work with you and your teams on a deep review of the product and details to the scope and standards required. Perform testing and evaluations here in our labs or at your site

If needed we will also Scope and develop the UL quote. (or another Lab as required)

We will then complete Evaluation and Testing on your site or at Our Labs in Austin Texas or Albuquerque, NM.

We will develop or edit documentation and labeling as needed.

Walk you through any design changes or updates need to be in compliance. Reiterate the testing if needed…

From here we will Forward the Finalized Documentation and Product Certifications to you.

Or if needed we will forward the entire package to UL for Listing Services. And then support the Factory Inspection by UL.

Next, we will perform Reoccurring updates if needed. new products and models, design reviews.

Then we all celebrate the completion!

If you have questions about your piece of equipment and how we here at High Tech Design Safety can help you through the design and certification process then please reach out today!

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