The team at HTDS has a great understanding of product safety standards.

Dana P.

I would like to take this time to highly recommend Steve and HTDS to you. Their knowledge of EHS and attention to detail were essential to many of the projects that our company was engaged in. On several occasions they were able to recognize situations before they became issues and propose solutions which were not only acceptable but cost effective.

Terry A.

Steve and his team at HTDS are very knowledgeable about industry safety practices and their detailed oriented nature makes implementation and follow up monitoring very successful.

Jeff G.

Working with HTDS on various hazardous compliance issues has been a pleasure. They take a common sense approach to obtaining safety compliance be it for CE or SEMI standards. Whenever we needed some more details or research Steve and his team always knew where to get the required information and this made it all that much easier to address any serious safety issues. We worked with Hydrogen, Silane and other hazardous gases on a regular basis and I would highly recommend HTDS for your compliance consulting needs.

Ted T.

The team at HTDS are very creative and great problem solvers. They have the ability to organize and effectively resolve large projects. They have great communication skills that enable them to work well with everyone in an expeditious manner.

Scott G.

As an engineer of a company with aging products I was tasked to rapidly redesign as many as possible with a tight schedule. One of the hurdles we faced was the certification of said products to allow sales into universities, government orgs and the EU. We didn’t anticipate the delays and impact to timeline we would be facing using the larger listing companies. They move slow and each project looked as it would slip 12-18 months as a result. Steve came in and mitigated our listing issues in a matter of months. His list of requirements for each product were clear and concise. He handled the analysis, testing and CE certification of 4 products simultaneously. The process was seamless and our products were released on time and on budget. His services came at a fraction of the cost of the large companies and orders of magnitude faster. The entire process was a pleasure and I look forward to working with Steve and his company again in the future.

Matt B.

Please let me introduce you to High Tech Design Safety. I've known Steve for a number of years and greatly respect him. He delivers the best customer service you will find and is a true partner in helping his customers achieve success. I have worked with him directly during my time at (Major Lab) and have sent friends and contacts to him in need of regulatory compliance support. They have always reported back wonderful experiences working with Steve and HTDS.  

Curtis T.