4th Quarter Countdown

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You have probably felt the energy shift with the temperatures falling, the change of retail stores displays, advertisements, etc….4th quarter is upon us and everything starts to hustle and bustle even more than usual.

Today, our CEO , Steve Barcik Amstel is reaching out to you, our current and future clients about the end of the year.

Link to video also available here: https://youtu.be/r_nsg3NC2bk)

This is fourth quarter now and there are a lot of projects coming due at the end of the year. Many of those projects require certification to meet that design gate or that milestone that was committed earlier in the year. We know this because it happens every year and it is also very present to us because we’ve had quite a few phone calls and have booked up a fair party of the quarter already. We are here to help you get done for the end of the year and finish strongly.

In a meeting with another client…they are excited about getting that milestone completed and going on vacation for Christmas and New Years knowing that is behind them. So we have pulled that project in for them and we would like to do the same for you. Please contact us as soon as possible. If you know you are going to need certification or evaluation before the end of the year. Also maybe reach out to your design team and to your sales and marketing staff to see what they have coming down the pipeline that might need to be certified, whether it is SEMI S2, field evaluation, maybe it is a UL approval, whatever you need to hit that milestone for the end of the year, we need to get that going…like this month…in October…so that we know we have time on the schedule to complete it for you comfortably with ease and on budget.

So again 4th Quarter…pretty exciting times. It has been a great year and we look forward to serving you and your teams to get your budget and milestones complete for the year. If you would like to find out more about the requirements for certification, costs, timelines, listing, and full SEMI S2 services, we have a series of videos also that will help you learn more about that rapidly and easily (See SEMI S2 Series playlist). Please like and subscribe below. That really helps us get the word out. Looking forward to working with you. https://youtu.be/r_nsg3NC2bk

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