2018 Forecast from Steve Barcik Amstel

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High Tech Design Safety’s CEO and Founder, Steve Barcik Amstel shares insights from 2017 and gives a glimpse into the state of the industry for 2018.

2017 was a fantastic year and we are very grateful for all of our clients, vendors, friends, and partners that were a part of the certifications , testing and evaluations making it great.

In 2017, High Tech Design Safety took on new projects completing 7 tracer gas testings. We are excited to continue providing this service for those looking for clear, practical, confident and complete results at a great rate in a timely manner.

With the launch into the new year, we continue to expand our hazardous locations/classified locations practice with many projects in Class 1, Div 1 for explosive atmospheres, ATEX for the EU, and the ICEX testing for the rest of the world, Steve and his team have been working for a solid 8 years and continue to expand each year. In fact, Steve’s first project out of engineering school was for Texas Instruments was for a hazardous location install. So he personally has been doing this kind of work for over 30 years now.

Here’s to wishing you, your teams and your families a wonderful 2018.

The capital equipment market continues to heat up. Investment globally continues to expand and therefore, your company will more than likely need support getting certified and getting to market. That is our job here, to do it practically, reasonably, and with fore site. For High Tech Design Safety, managing the relationships is more important than doing test work that you may not need.

You will find Steve and his team practical and hopefully humorous as well.

Let’s get together if we haven’t met and allow Steve to find out how he and his team can help you either through certification work, evaluation and testing or if you are doing a start-up.

Steve is very knowledgeable about the startup space and can impart some of his wisdom from the things that he has learned over the years and perhaps direct you to some of his coaches and mentors.

Please contact www.HighTechDesignSafety.com and watch our video https://youtu.be/hCb3I_F6b6w

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