Training is split into two primary areas:  engineering/design, conformity and operational safety.

Engineering/Design, Conformity

Engineering design, conformity training HTDSEngineering design, conformity training is crucial to organizations building, designing, testing, modifying and maintaining industrial equipment. New certifications from IECEx and other groups show that training is important to maintaining safety systems and hazardous locations certification.

Your design process is crucial to your profitability and your time to market is a strategic advantage for you and your company. Have us accelerate your time to market by reducing redesign, implementing early-stage certification and conformity, and developing checklists such that the equipment is designed to meet standards and that the technical construction files are developed touring the design. This will allow you to achieve more rapid UL listing, CE marking, in broad market acceptance.

Additionally, we will train your entire staff on the 10 keys to conformity. For your industry. We will share industry insight, provide training exercises on industry standards, and deal with national acceptance. The goal here is enhanced regulatory compliance, and CE compliance through training such that third party evaluation and third party testing can be completed more quickly.

Your equipment design needs that resulted ergonomic compliance, NFPA certification are crucial. Your team’s ability to perform standards interpretation, understand codes into code interpretation, and develop electrical safety of equipment to the low voltage directive EMC EMI directive and other crucial standards and directives are critical to your customers and ensure profitability.

Operational Safety

The safety of your technicians, operators, and engineers is crucial. The loss caused by a simple injury is multiplied across your organization. We provide safety and compliance and training to allow your team to operate safely. Electrical safety, arc/flash, NFPA 70 E., and other critical training is needed for your facilities team.

Additionally, we train maintenance technicians on how to productively reduce loss and injury by reviewing maintenance logs and details.

Your state mandated OSHA program and EPA require operational safety across all hazards across all hazardous materials. From MSDS breathing to in depth understanding of chemical interactions, your team needs clear guidance to comply with fire codes, mechanical codes, ventilation requirements and how to respond in emergency.

Our teams have developed, built and installed hundreds of these programs across many industries with great success.  Our expertise allows us to support you and your team in meeting these needs.

Your training needs will enhance your productivity and provide a real sense of accomplishment.