Telecom and IT Equipment

Telecom Equipment NEBS

What are you building an office or out of office telecom equipment. Your Network Equipment building system NEBS and UL listing are critical, in NEBS and TELCORDIA testing third party testing and lab testing are crucial to telecom equipment compliance and conformity. Telecom equipment testing may vary by provider and end-user GR-3160-CORE standards are crucial to developing telecom equipment. Designing for Telecom, equipment compliance is critical.

We have extensive background in designing power supplies switches and other gear for the telecom environments. Telcordia Generic Requirements other base for designing equipment and certifying equipment for use. In NEBS level I, level II, level III are dependent on the level of compliance you need for your equipment. The standards are all about network uptime and reliability while minimizing risk of collateral damage the failure occur. Conformity third party testing and development are crucial to completing your telecom equipment project. Telecom Equipment NEBS design projects can be completed to your exact specification.

IT Equipment; IT equipment and information technology equipment must be listed to UL 60950. We can complete the entire evaluation, design cycle, and final approval of IT equipment to UL and CE marking requirements. We support you with design guidance for approval to UL listing. UPS, computers, switches, power supplies, and other IT equipment require product safety support for CE marking and UL listing. From design for low voltage directive approval and EMC/EMI testing, high tech design safety can manage, scope and test the best possible plan for achieving the CE marking and UL approval for your IT equipment.