Your team is expanding the frontier technology, nano tech. While at the same time advancing state-of-the-art safety and employee protection methods. Your equipment design and tested and evaluated to meet SEMI standards and IEC standards at the same time will enhance your ability to sell your equipment worldwide.

Having your equipment to be UL, complying and CE marked from design is crucial to market acceptance and acceleration of profitability curves.

Regulatory compliance to existing and new industrial hygiene requirements and third party testing and CE marking are critical to getting your equipment to market UL listing, field labeling and technical file development are key to this process.

Well, you are breaking new ground with materials and structures. We are taking care of quality systems safety, low voltage directive, and CE compliance, such that your equipment will meet third party evaluation and third party testing through certified bodies notified bodies and test labs. While many nano technology equipment sets need semiconductor manufacturing requirements. Some do not fall under semi standards. Be sure that your equipment is safe and ready for market by developing a full regulatory compliance program and implementing design based rules to ensure your technical construction file is complete and thorough and conforming.