Industrial Machinery

Complex and / or Hazardous Equipment; high technology OEM complex equipment manufacturers; you need extensive product safety support from high tech design safety to manage risks complexity, machine to machine interlocking and complex equipment EMO systems. We understand complex high hazard equipment and the requirements from NFPA and CE marking to achieve conformity, and safety. Complex equipment requires that conformity, and safety be designed in from the beginning of the process. Once we have supported you to identified the energies, risks, hazards and requirements for complex and/or hazardous equipment. You will reduce costs and speed time to market. By utilizing high tech design safety to meet your CE marking, NFPA, UL field labeling, electrical field labeling, code compliance, and other requirements for complex equipment and hazardous equipment.

Heating Equipment; we provide NFPA, UL, and CE marking evaluation and certification services for heating equipment. Industrial heaters, and process heating requires particular safety requirements for implementation in manufacturing facilities with safety and environmental concerns. We support your design of heating equipment for approval and testing to NFPA and Listing and recognition for UL marking. Further we support your risk assessment for heating systems and heating equipment. Heaters and heating equipment fire risk assessment and safety evaluation can be completed on-site or during manufacturing or design.

Furnaces; industrial furnaces and industrial ovens require electrical code compliance, NFPA compliance and UL field labeling. Industrial furnaces and ovens requiring UL listing are our specialty. We have supported numerous industrial furnaces for design, manufacturing, quality testing, and UL listing. Furnaces used in semiconductor manufacturing should be designed evaluated, tested to semi S2 and semi S8, and other required standards including the low voltage directive and, the machinery directive.