Are You Looking To Get Your Product Listed, Labeled or Certified?


Step 1

Design Your Equipment To The Specific Standards That Are Required For Your Type of Equipment And The Hazards Included.

Step 2

Add safety labeling, manuals, and any installation instructions.

Step 3

Prepare a Bill Of Materials (BOMs) and a second bill of materials which is your critical components list.

Step 4

Validate that your manufacturing operation has a quality process in place dependent upon the certification you're going to be operating.

Step 5

While All This Is Coming Together, You Would Perform Design Reviews, Conformity Discovery Process, Initial Evaluation, Pre-testing.

Step 6

Move To Your Listing, Labeling or Certification Evaluation.

Step 7

Answer Evaluator Questions With Prompt, Thorough, And Detailed Responses.

Step 8

Once Evaluation Is Complete And Found Conforming, You Will Be Provided With A Listing, Label or Certification.

Step 9

Typically There Will Be An Evaluation Of The Manufacturing Site, And Of First Article Of The Listed, Labeled Or Certified Product. For Field Labeling This Is Not Required.

Step 10

Begin Building The Product And Labeling It As Listed Or Certified.


This is the process we use to get your product through listing, labeling, certified… quicker with more reliability to timeline and costs than any other process.

LWe’ve shifted gears from talking about the standards and the standards organization to actually dealing with what it takes to get your product listed. We realized that telling you about the standards doesn’t help. What you need is information on how to get your product designed and certified.

Today we’re going to talk about which countries to get listed or certified for. This is important because it will control your scope and your timeline along with your project costs.