SEMI S2 Breakdown – Sections 15 -28

High Tech Design Safety CEO, Steve Barcik Amstel understands how important it is for clients to get their product to market in a timely and practical manner.  Building to the standard is critical to accomplishing this and today he continues to provide  an in-depth look at the primary standard for Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment, SEMI S2. […]

SEMI S2 Breakdown – Sections 1-14

Today our CEO and Founder, Steve Barcik Amstel continues to give an overview of the overarching standard SEMI S2 which applies to equipment used to manufacture, measure, assemble and test semiconductor products. This video is part of an in-depth training for Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment and today, Steve will be giving an overview of the first […]

SEMI S2 – An Introduction

We here at High Tech Design Safety are kicking off the new year with a new multi-part video series on product safety.  We will start it off with an in-depth training for Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment. And in today’s video specifically, Steve Barcik Amstel will give an introduction to SEMI S2 and an overview of what […]