From The Field #1 with High Tech Design Safety

As a test and certification laboratory that does evaluations of equipment from industrial to laboratory to oil & gas, to medical and consumer products, we get the advantage of seeing many reoccurring wins and innovative ways that clients create ease with getting their products to market. We also see some of the common mistakes and […]

2019 Key Lessons on Conformity

It’s been a great year 2019. Lot’s of great projects, good times with clients, collaborators and partners. Steve Barcik Amstel, is sharing on key lessons we have learned with our clients this year for UL, ATEX, SEMI and other certifications.   Link to video also available here: 1. Build your requirements document to include […]

Top Misses on UL, S2 and CE

As with any industry, experience working with clients reveals commonalities.  At High Tech Design Safety, CEO and founder Steve Barcik Amstel has worked with hundreds of clients on a diverse spectrum of products and industries and still there are things that apply to many and common things that get overlooked with some of the complex […]

Part Selection for Simplifying Certification

Steve Barcik Amstel, our CEO and founder, has been sharing a video series, the process to get your product from where it is today through certification, CE marking, UL or whichever standard you need to get your product to market. Today our video is about part selection and how this critical aspect of the design […]

The HTDS Process Through Certification

Last time we spoke about product certification UL, SEMI and CE for Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment, which is a very specific niche and where our business started. However we have expanded way beyond that and let’s talk today more broadly about all types of equipment, everything from life sciences and medical equipment to oil and gas […]

Equipment Certification and Design Process

Do you have a piece of equipment that needs to be certified?  High Tech Design Safety’s CEO and founder, Steve Barcik Amstel walks you through the equipment design and certification process in this week’s video so that you have a clear understanding of what is necessary to get your product to market. The process works […]