Shifting Gears on Equipment Design and Standards with High Tech Design Safety

Our team here at High Tech Design Safety has been giving a lot of thought to how we are presenting the data on equipment design and the standards needed to get there. What we’ve noticed is that we are giving you a ton of information about the standards and in depth information about how to […]

Your Products Listed Faster Through Conformity Discovery Process

How do you get your product to market faster?  How can you reduce engineering and design costs, how can you shorten certification and listing timelines? As product certification, evaluation and testing lab, we here at High Tech Design Safety have seen all kinds of projects and various execution hurdles. How to get listed, how to […]

SEMI S2 – Safety Philosophy

In the Semiconductor Industry there are definitely some best practices and many of them stemmed from the SEMI S2 Standard. Our CEO, Steve Barcik Amstel has dedicated many years to help make things simpler, easier, safer and more practical on the path to compliance working with the SEMI S2 Standard.   (Link to video also […]

SEMI S2 – Setting Up The Standard

Equipment suppliers often find SEMI S2 difficult and contradictory, however they do have to complete the evaluation and have equipment that is found conforming to SEMI S2, SEMI S8, SEMI S14 and other related standards in order to sell their equipment to major customers.  Figuring out how to design the equipment to SEMI S2, design […]

SEMI S2 – Timeline

Getting your product to market requires many steps and being able to properly plan/schedule your team is critical. High Tech Design Safety is here to help you with your SEMI S2 needs and today CEO, Steve Barcik Amstel provides you with a timeline of what you can expect going through the SEMI S2 evaluation process. […]

BOMs – Your Bill of Materials

Our CEO and founder, Steve Barcik Amstel has been sharing through this video series, the process to get your product from where it is today through certification, CE marking, UL or whichever standard you need to get your product to market. In our video today, he will be talking about how High Tech Design Safety […]

Top S2 and CE Non Conformances

This video is a continuation of our series on how to get your product certified to UL, CE marking or all the other types of certifications you might need…NFPA, etc. You are going to need your product certified at some point. We have talked about safety, warnings for manuals and labels and we have talked […]

The HTDS Process Through Certification

Last time we spoke about product certification UL, SEMI and CE for Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment, which is a very specific niche and where our business started. However we have expanded way beyond that and let’s talk today more broadly about all types of equipment, everything from life sciences and medical equipment to oil and gas […]

Ten Steps To Conformity

High Tech Design Safety is a global environmental and conformity firm that deals with product safety and equipment to support you getting your products to market. Wesupport you with UL listing, CE marking, FCC, EMC, EMI and all those other acronyms that lead up to you getting your product to market. This video will speak […]

Intro to Equipment Compliance and Conformity

Are you looking for solutions to get your equipment to market? If so, then this video is for you.  Principal/CEO, Steve Barcik Amstel presents an introduction to Equipment Compliance and Conformity to accelerate your path to market. In this video he covers the various standards that may apply and let’s you know how he and […]