Semiconductor Equipment

We can help you with your Semiconductor Equipment listing and conformity. We can help you with CE, UL, NFPA, Everything else you need.  WE are a full service third party test and evaluation firm. We have been in the Semiconductor industry for 20+ years and have a wealth of knowledge about how to achieve your […]

Registration and Approval

Large existing and early stage companies both can gain advantages using High Tech Design Safety to provide design support, conformity support and reduce time to market with CE Marking, UL Listing, and NFPA approvals.

Product Safety

We can help you through completing the necessary registrations and approvals of your equipment needs. High Tech Design Safety is a Regulatory Compliance provider in many areas of hazards and standards. Specifically we manage Capital Equipment Compliance through completing 3rd party Evaluation and performing in depth 3rd Party Testing.  Your CE Compliance and CE Marking […]