Top Misses on UL, SEMI S2 and CE Marking

Today our CEO, Steve Barcik Amstel, is going to run through a presentation that he created and has shared with many of our clients about how to get your product certified. And more specifically how to include those things that others have missed and design those in now so that you have a product that […]

From The Field #3 with High Tech Design Safety

Here at High Tech Design Safety we work with a variety of clients in multiple industries. And despite the differences, there are certain commonalities in the projects, one of which is that they must be certified or approved to meet required standards for that industry and use. Our CEO, Steve Barcik Amstel shares some of […]

From The Field #2 with High Tech Design Safety

Everyone has probably experienced at one time or another or knows someone that has felt the pains of bypassing steps in order to seemingly get to completion quicker to only realize that those missed steps actually created an even bigger emergency and setback. We hear a lot from people in companies who are creating laser-based […]

NFPA 79 – Electrical Standard for Industrial Machinery Overview with High Tech Design Safety

There are many different standards that can apply to your equipment and it can be difficult to know which one is the right one…Many times the standards seem the same. Other times your equipment might not fall directly in the scope of one particular standard but may span several different standards. Or even sometimes you […]

From The Field #1 with High Tech Design Safety

As a test and certification laboratory that does evaluations of equipment from industrial to laboratory to oil & gas, to medical and consumer products, we get the advantage of seeing many reoccurring wins and innovative ways that clients create ease with getting their products to market. We also see some of the common mistakes and […]

IEC 60204 – Safety of machinery – Electrical Equipment of Machines Overview

IEC 60204 is your primary electrical standard for electrical machinery for industrial uses. Best cases are to design to this standard and to NFPA 79, both are closely similar. If you design to these standards, and any product specific standard you will be 10000% better off at the end. IF you fail to specifically design […]

IEC UL ANSI 60601 Standard Overview Safety for Medical Equipment

Are you envisioning, planning, designing, building, or selling medical equipment? As a startup on through a fortune 100 company you will need to get to market fast, and win, using our proven “Conformity Discovery Process” © 2019 you will uncover conformity requirements early in process, and understand based on the standards what is required to […]

60950 60950-1 and 62368-1 IEC, UL, ANSI Standard Overview for Information Technology Equipment

Today in this video, Steve is here to talk about UL, ANSI and IEC 60950. This standard, 60950, deals with the electrical safety of business and information technology equipment. This includes anything that is powered by the mains (120 volt or higher incoming power from the building main electrical power), or a low voltage supply […]

IEC 61010 Overview – Standard for Safety Requirements for Electrical Equipment

Everyone intends to get their equipment to market as quick as possible and one of the best ways to ensure that result is to design it to meet the corresponding standards. In today’s video, Steve talks about the IEC standard 61010. Link to video also available here: The IEC 61010 standard is also a […]

UL 508A Standard for Industrial Control Panels Overview

We here at High Tech Design Safety are an evaluation, test and certification laboratory for equipment and products. Today our CEO, Steve Barcik Amstel shares about UL 508A.   Link to video also available here: UL 508A is important to you if you are designing industrial equipment, industrial machinery, processing equipment and similar equipment. […]