Hey guys, here’s the new website, I myself have been around the capital equipment space since 1981. And have been doing conformity assessments and equipment design and approvals since 1991. That’s a lot of experience spread across almost every single hazard every single standard, and every single market globally. I’ve had a great time with this. So…

What this means for you is you get a range of practical experience we can hone in on your industrial equipment needs rapidly. I and my team each are experts in their area.

We truly enjoy working with you and your equipment, and your projects. It’s a blast for us and we help make the same for you. And I don’t mean a literal blast. I mean having it be fun, easy and develop powerful results for you and your team.

Hope you have a great week as we head into the final weeks before Thanksgiving. I am reminded of how much each of my customers means to me over the years. Thank you for giving us worthwhile, challenging and enjoyable work for the past years. And in many ways myself and my team have helped expand markets, create jobs, save factories, and give new life to operations across the globe. I’m thankful for each of you my customers, friends in these industries. It is with heartfelt thanks from me and the HTDS staff to you for your faith, trust, and business. Thank you all and have a wonderful Thanksgiving 2013.


Steve Barcik Amstel